eMerge Americas

By connecting talent, capital, and entrepreneurs, eMerge Americas is transforming Miami’s tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems, effectively creating a hub for innovation and success. They attract the brightest talent from around the world to launch, build and scale their businesses right in South Florida. In successfully turning Miami into a gateway to the Americas, they have fueled innovation and are building a sustainable and diverse ecosystem where entrepreneurs from around the world can flourish.

Kabookaboo Marketing - eMerge Americas

By connecting talent, capital, and entrepreneurs from around the world, eMerge is transforming Miami into a hub for innovation and success.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


With eMerge Americas’ strong focus on connection and empowerment, kabookaboo’s primary strategy was to build up their digital presence and enable new online features that would help to expand their global reach. With a market that spans multiple continents, ease of communication and a smooth user experience were also a main priority for kabookaboo, so creating a more impactful website was an important element of the strategic plan.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

eMerge Americas’ digital presence is a critical component of their success, so multiple steps were taken to improve their website and global reach. The site was updated with a streamlined and modern design that would be appealing to users, but more importantly, would be more user-friendly and effective. With this updated layout, video was able to move to the forefront and serve as a critical element of communication and marketing. The updated design also enabled new features that would allow for additional access to event schedules and speaker bios, information that is critical for eMerge users.