As a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company, CIELO is dedicated to helping businesses across various industries achieve more through connectivity.  Founded in 2015, with more than three decades of industry experience and over 40,000 devices connected, CIELO builds seamless, intuitive IoT solutions that save its users countless hours and dollars in downtime and efficiencies. CIELO’s deep understanding of its customers’ needs and expertise in IoT technology guides its vision of creating a world without information-blindness or downtime.

Kabookaboo Marketing - CIELO

An intuitive IoT solutions that save its users countless hours and dollars in downtime and efficiencies.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


With transformational cinema management software as revolutionary as CIELO’s, kabookaboo’s strategic approach was to first establish CIELO as the clear industry leader in IoT cinema device management. An updated website was the first step to showcase the clear advantage that CIELO’s product line offers: it gets your work done for you, while saving shows, providing remote access, and reporting on your cinema’s performance.

In addition to a refreshed website, CIELO’s existing collateral was streamlined so that it would continue to enhance CIELO’s clear advantage and product offering. To nurture existing customers, kabookaboo established an email program that included product updates and release notes. An email drip campaign was also created to walk new customers through their onboarding journey to get the best that CIELO has to offer and increase their chances of upgrading.

kabookaboo Marketing - CIELO
Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

With a new website design, streamlined product offering and an effective email program established, kabookaboo moved to expand CIELO’s digital presence with a social media strategy that targeted LinkedIn, where a strong B2B consumer base provides easy access to new and existing CIELO customers.

kabookaboo used a similar approach to nurture CIELO’s existing customers with new product updates and product release notes.  By focusing on the specific day-to-day value-add that CIELO provides, kabookaboo was also able to showcase CIELO’s management software to increase their new customer base and start them on their onboarding journey.

kabookaboo Marketing - CIELO
kabookaboo Marketing - CIELO
kabookaboo Marketing - CIELO