Black Velvet

Sold in over 55 countries, Black Velvet has been producing premium Canadian whisky for almost 70 years.  Named after its unique and distinct velvety taste and smoothness, Black Velvet whisky is crafted using the finest ingredients and techniques in a process that takes up to 11 years per batch.  The painstaking attention to detail that goes into this distilling process and maturation time, paired with the introduction of Black Velvet Reserve in 1991, has led to consistent growth in Black Velvet’s popularity and success.

Kabookaboo Marketing - Black Velvet

From a meticulous distilling process, using the finest rye, grain and crystal clear Canadian water, comes the distinct velvety taste and smoothness that makes Black Velvet’s premium whisky so unique.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


With Black Velvet’s reputation for crafting unique and premium whiskey, kabookaboo’s strategy was to enhance their digital presence so that the quality of their whiskey could speak for itself.  With an updated website and new features enabled, Black Velvet would be able to expand their reach and continue to grow in popularity. In addition to a new, modern website, kabookaboo produced a video to speak to Black Velvet’s audience in a more impactful way and add a new marketing medium to their portfolio.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

Creating a stronger digital presence for Black Velvet was kabookaboo’s main goal, which began with a new, updated website. The new site was more user-friendly, streamlined and enabled video, which was another important piece of kabookaboo’s main strategy. These upgrades helped to showcase Black Velvet’s strong brand name and highlight the high quality of Black Velvet’s whisky.

Kabookaboo Marketing - Black Velvet
Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Content Generation

Content Generation

Video creation was an important element of Black Velvet’s heightened digital presence and served dual purposes within the marketing strategy.  With the new site, video would take center stage to create a dynamic user experience that immerses the visitor in Black Velvet’s brand and premium whisky.  Video creation also provided Black Velvet with a new promotional tool that was used for the 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series that Black Velvet sponsored, as well as other events and special opportunities for Black Velvet promotion.