Crafters Union

With a love for great wine, a passion for how it’s crafted and a draw to the uncommon and unique, Crafters Union is redefining how we enjoy delicious wine. Their unique approach of meticulously crafted wine served in cans opens endless possibilities for bringing wine anywhere without the risk of broken glass, the versatility to offer different varietals to friends and family, and, of course, provides the perfect canvas for beautiful design that embodies each wine uniquely.  Crafters Union is recreating the wine experience with beauty, unique style, and delightful flavor.

kabookaboo Marketing - Crafters Union

Crafting wine that tastes great, looks beautiful, goes anywhere, and is as interesting and unique as you are.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


With a company as unique and vibrant as Crafters Union, kabookaboo’s strategy was to create a brand presence that showcased the exceptional artistry that goes into every element of their products, from the meticulously crafted wine to the stunning designs that portray each varietal’s own character. The brand’s dedication to every aspect of the wine experience is a distinguishing characteristic that makes Crafters Union shine against competitors and became an important element in the strategy’s most critical tool – a new, redesigned website.

kabookaboo Marketing - Crafters Union
Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

To build a brand presence as vibrant and interesting as Crafters Union, kabookaboo focused on a website that showcased their unique product offering, with an emphasis on the detailed design work, the dedication to high-quality wine, and the unique medium they use to serve their wine – their one-of-a-kind, stylized cans. The website included subtle animation to draw attention to the cans, photography that embodies the Crafters Union lifestyle, and a layout that clearly communicates Crafters Union’s unique product offering. Most importantly, the website offered customers a glimpse into the Crafters Union wine experience that happens from the moment you pick up a can to the endless possibilities that follow.

kabookaboo Marketing - Crafters Union