Gallo Family

Since 1933, four generations of the Gallo family have created affordable, quality wines for everyday fun… and Gallo Family Vineyards is the family flagship brand. Over the years E&J Gallo Winery has become the largest winery in the world and Gallo Family Vineyards regularly ranks as one of the top 5 largest wine brands in the world.

Gallo Family Vineyards

Gallo isn’t a word on a label.
It’s our name, our identity, the mark of our family. It’s who we are:
passionate winemakers.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


With a mission to democratize wine in the United States so that everyone can taste special wine at an everyday price, this project was all about ease of use and approachability. In order to pay off on ease of use, we implemented the project within Adobe Experience Design CC. With Adobe Experience we were able to prototype and preview the entire online experience internally and with our client prior to creative and programming. In doing so, we eliminated the guesswork by testing our designs in real time complete with page transitions. Once the framework was completed custom photography and animated graphics were chosen to balance copywriting to bring the rich story of GFV to life.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

The Gallo Family Vineyards website was built for Drupal content management system integration complete with social media integration and a store/restaurant locator. To reconfigure the traditional wine tasting notes and make them more approachable, custom icons and animation featuring “strong” and “sweet” taste cues were developed and programmed for each varietal.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Content Generation

Content Generation

Our immediate objective with the content development was to create a host of unique, varietal driven, product-centric content for the website that was high quality, yet approachable and relatable at the same time. For the actual shoot, we worked with the Gallo Family team to create different scenes for different varietal types. White, Rose and Red were all shot separately to make connections with the everyday experiences of picnics, dinner, entertaining and more. In addition, we also shot all of the bottles in traditional beauty format so that there was an appetizing consistency in the Our Wines section of the site.