Located in the famed Marlborough region of New Zealand’s southern island, Whitehaven Winery has made a name for itself, crafting some of the world’s finest Sauvignon Blanc. Founded by Sue and Greg White, this family-owned business has a steadfast dedication to producing high-quality wine that is wholly grown and crafted in the Marlborough region. This unwavering focus has led to exceptional Sauvignon Blanc and swift success in bringing their name abroad, with almost immediate recognition and outstanding accolades from the US’s top wine critics.

Nestled in the ocean-kissed Marlborough winemaking region, Whitehaven crafts world-renowned Sauvignon Blanc, with vibrant acidity and distinct flavor profiles that can only be found in picturesque New Zealand.

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With a strong brand identity and high-quality product in place, kabookaboo’s focus was to create a powerful video and photography series that would train and support a US-based salesforce. These videos would educate the sales teams on the factors that distinguish Whitehaven wine from other Sauvignon Blanc brands, while also providing them with impactful marketing materials to support their sales endeavors.

With a region as beautiful and picturesque as Marlborough and for a brand that so passionately infuses the land into their product, there was no question that footage would come directly from the source. kabookaboo’s proven success in producing high-quality footage from international locations made that possible, with multiple video and photo shoots planned and arranged from a homebase in the US, all to be executed in New Zealand. In the span of a week, kabookaboo engaged multiple Marlborough firms to assist in the production, utilizing local talent to tap into the region in a way only a native New Zealander could. The flexibility, agility and creativity that kabookaboo is known for made this around-the-world project a huge success.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Content Generation

Content Generation

High-quality content was critical for this project and nothing was spared in producing exceptional footage that embodied Whitehaven’s passion for Sauvignon Blanc and their loyalty to the Marlborough region. By employing local talent to film and photograph, kabookaboo was able to get a true inside look at the majesty of this region. Drones were used to capture spectacular footage of the vineyards and coastline, while camera crews documented the crafting process from soil and vine to barrel and bottle. Interviews with the White Haven team provided in depth knowledge while also reinforcing the passion and mission that the Winery embodies. Pulling all of this footage together to create powerful video clips finalized the project, bringing Whitehaven’s brand into more American homes than ever before.

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