Tequila Mi Campo

By adding a modern twist to age-old tequila-making traditions, Tequila Mi CAMPO produces handcrafted tequila that has heart, soul, and a smooth and refined finish that transports you back in time. To create this authentic and original take on classic tequila, Tequila Mi CAMPO gently squeezes their piñas, sure to never crush them, in order to release flavorful juices without any bitter notes. Afterwards, they rest the tequila in coveted French oak wine barrels straight from Napa Valley. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience that not only tastes like superior tequila but feels like a trip straight to old-world Mexico.

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Tequila Mi CAMPO is a modern expression of the centuries-old art of tequila making. What’s in the glass is more than a spirit. It’s history, reimagined.

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To bring the ethos of Tequila Mi CAMPO alive, a partnership with Mexican artist, Raul Urias, was formed to create vivid imagery that tells the powerful story of the history, expertise, and passion that goes into every bottle of Tequila Mi CAMPO. kabookaboo’s job was to take that artistry to the next level and create a website that showcased the spirit of Tequila Mi CAMPO through Urias’ art, bringing the brand to life and making sure that every visitor can truly feel the heart of Tequila Mi CAMPO before they’ve even had their first sip.

Kabookaboo Marketing - Tequila Mi Campo
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Digital Presence

For Tequila Mi CAMPO’s website, kabookaboo incorporated videography, photography, imagery, and bold colors to carry Tequila Mi CAMPO’s ethos into the digital world.  This balance of visual expression brings Tequila Mi CAMPO to life so that the passion behind each bottle of tequila is felt and experienced, not just tasted. To further illustrate the talent and expertise that makes Tequila Mi CAMPO the vibrant brand that it is, kabookaboo showcased each skilled artisan that makes up the Tequila Mi CAMPO family, highlighting their unique craftsmanship and how it contributes to the overall Tequila Mi CAMPO experience.

Kabookaboo Marketing - Tequila Mi Campo