House of Smith

Born from visionary entrepreneur and rockstar winemaker, Charles Smith, House of Smith is Washington State’s largest independent and winemaker-owned winery. With Smith at the helm and his daughter at his side, this family-owned business has shaped Washington wine, earning almost 200 95-point scores or above throughout the years. Including iconic brands like K Vintners, Substance, ViNO, CasaSmith, SIXTO, B.Leighton, POPUP, and Golden West, House of Smith has only begun their journey and will undoubtedly continue the innovative drive to push the limits of Washington wine.

House of Smith - kabookaboo Marketing

Driven to innovate, break boundaries and push the limits of winemaking, House of Smith has solidified itself as a leader in Washington wine.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


Taking a huge step towards the future, House of Smith partnered with kabookaboo to rebrand their website from the original name of Wines of Substance to their new identity as House of Smith. With an already established reputation as a leader in Washington winemaking, kabookaboo’s strategy was to continue to showcase their existing products and messaging, but with a modernized appeal and upgraded user experience – and with their new brand identity, marking the next chapter for House of Smith.

House of Smith - kabookaboo Marketing
Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

In addition to welcoming a new name for House of Smith, kabookaboo’s focus was to create a digital presence for the brand that would make it easy for consumers to navigate the website. By streamlining the flow of the site, an enjoyable user experience was created to keep consumers on the site longer, while simplifying their search. The overall look of the site was also given a more modern appearance to appeal to younger audiences. To further solidify a strong user experience, video capability was added to the site, opening the door for a new form of media to reach House of Smith consumers.

House of Smith - kabookaboo Marketing