ShiftMD’s mobile-based platform was founded with one goal in mind: make it easier for healthcare providers to manage – and get credit for – the products they recommend to their patients. With a focus on women’s health, shiftMD streamlines the process of patients receiving the right products and allows healthcare providers to track their patients usage and receive a commission for sales made. Their unique solution helps both the patient and the provider, making life easier and healthier for everyone.

Kabookaboo Marketing - shiftMD

ShiftMD removes the unnecessary layers that block women’s healthcare providers’ ability to provide their patients with exactly what they want for them.

Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Strategy


Kabookaboo’s strategy with shiftMD was to build a prominent online presence that would help expand their reach and provide an avenue for training and educating users. With a mobile platform as their foundation, building a strong digital presence was a crucial element to their success, as was developing content that would support shiftMD’s user needs.

Kabookaboo Marketing - shiftMD
Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Digital Presence

Digital Presence

ShiftMD’s digital presence was a major focus of the overall strategy, so a strong and effective website was one of kabookaboo’s primary objectives. To solidify their presence, kabookaboo also focused on creating varying levels of content that would enhance the effectiveness of the site and improve the overall user experience. By creating a robust online presence, kabookaboo was able to expand shiftMD’s reach and support the need to educate and train users through the website.

Kabookaboo Marketing - shiftMD
Kabookaboo Integrated Marketing - Content Generation

Content Generation

Through collaboration with shiftMD, kabookaboo helped to craft thorough content that walks users through every aspect of shiftMD’s user interface and mobile platform. In addition to website copy and training materials, kabookaboo developed digital animations that provide visual tutorials for setup and use of the mobile interface. These additional features greatly enhanced the user experience by simplifying step-by-step processes that are critical to being successful on shiftMD’s platform.

Kabookaboo Marketing - shiftMD
Kabookaboo Marketing - shiftMD